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For young drivers holding probationary licenses (P-Plates) in Melbourne, the freedom of driving comes with added responsibilities. Among these responsibilities is adhering to the strict rules regarding alcohol consumption while behind the wheel. In this blog, we will delve into the regulations surrounding alcohol and P-Platers in Melbourne, emphasizing the importance of knowing and obeying these rules for the safety of all road users.

1. Zero Tolerance Policy:

In Melbourne, P-Plate drivers are subject to a zero tolerance policy concerning alcohol consumption while driving. This means that P-Platers must have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of zero at all times when operating a vehicle. Unlike fully licensed drivers, probationary license holders are not allowed to have any alcohol in their system while driving.

2. License Suspension and Penalties:

Any P-Plate driver found with a BAC above zero can face severe consequences. Penalties may include heavy fines, demerit points, and an immediate suspension of the probationary license. These measures are in place to reinforce the seriousness of the rule and to encourage responsible and sober driving behavior among young motorists.

3. Random Breath Testing (RBT) Operations:

Law enforcement agencies in Melbourne regularly conduct Random Breath Testing (RBT) operations, targeting all drivers, including P-Platers. These operations are designed to deter and detect drink-driving, ensuring that all drivers, especially those with limited experience, understand the importance of staying sober behind the wheel.

4. Peer Influence and Accountability:

For many young drivers, peer pressure can be a significant factor influencing their choices, including whether or not to drink and drive. Encouraging a culture of responsibility and accountability among P-Platers is crucial in reinforcing the message that driving under the influence of alcohol is not only illegal but also dangerous.

5. Alternate Transportation Options:

To avoid any temptation to drink and drive, P-Plate drivers are encouraged to plan their outings carefully. If alcohol will be involved, it is best to arrange alternative transportation options such as public transit, taxis, or rideshare services. Prioritizing safety over convenience ensures a responsible approach to drinking and driving.

6. The Importance of Education:

Education plays a vital role in promoting safe driving practices among P-Plate drivers. Schools, driving instructors, and parents should emphasize the risks associated with drink-driving, along with the legal and personal consequences of violating the zero tolerance policy.


As P-Plate drivers in Melbourne, it is imperative to understand and respect the zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol consumption while operating a vehicle. Drinking and driving is not only against the law but can also have life-altering consequences for yourself and others on the road. Embracing a culture of responsible driving and promoting awareness about the dangers of drink-driving is essential for ensuring the safety of all road users.

Remember, a single moment of poor judgment can lead to irreversible tragedies. So, let us all pledge to make responsible choices, uphold the zero tolerance policy, and work together towards a safer and more responsible driving community in Melbourne. Always remember, it is better to arrive safely than to take unnecessary risks with alcohol behind the wheel. Drive safe, drive sober!

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Alcohol and P-Platers in Melbourne Know the Rules